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  • Current Series: Thy Will Be Done
    Week of October 26

    Share who you are with the world – with 100% authenticity! This week, we stretch into a deeper understanding of how we can bring all of who we are into service BEYOND our spiritual community, and out into the world.  Imagine overcoming the fear of other people’s judgment about your (more…)

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  • girl with heart

    Current Series: Thy Will Be Done
    Week of October 19

    What if small acts of COMPASSION could change the world? Open your heart as you head into this week’s talk and share your insights on the power of COMPASSION and how to give COMPASSION to the world from a place of spiritual alignment. Thy Will (more…)

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  • mendhi welcome

    Greetings from Mendhi!

    Hello friends!  And welcome to our online group! I’m Mendhi Audlin and I have a passion for bringing like-minded people together to discuss spiritual ideas and put them into action in the world.  If you’re looking for a supportive group with diverse ideas and a heart for sharing, you’ve got (more…)

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